RyeMUN 2017


RyeMUN 2017 was a great success, with a record number of delegates attending from 5 universities. 


Specialized Agency: African Union


In January of 2015, the African Union adopted Agenda 2063. This was a landmark achievement that set out major plans for the continent; plans that would make Africa more united, prosperous, and independent. The year is 2017 and although some major steps have been taken, it has been noticed that the Agenda fails to appropriately address some key areas. Delegates will be responsible for focusing on these areas with the end goal being the construction of a complimentary document to Agenda 2063. They will engage in deliberation on the current civil conflicts that are dividing the continent, the droughts and famines that are harming many, and the climate change which is both reshaping the landscape and making the environment hostile.

Crisis: League of Venice


It is 1495 and the Italian Peninsula is broken up into a series of feudal states, each swearing fealty to the Pope. The Kingdom of Naples has been invaded by King Charles VIII of France in his quest to claim his right to the throne. Alarmed by the speed and ease with which Charles was able to move through Italy, Pope Alexander VI called together a variety of leaders and stakeholders who find themselves threatened by the presence of this foreign monarchy to form The League of Venice. It is now up to this coalition to protect the shared interests of Italy in the face of their common French enemy. But in this time of zero sum politics and high tensions, the chaos of war is also an ideal time for stakeholders to increase their influence, wealth, and territory.