RyeMUN 2018

October 27-28

Committee Topics


Joint Crisis: Falkland Islands

The year is 1982. In the midst of the Cold War between two ideological superpowers a diminishing United Kingdom is suddenly thrust into a conflict across the world as an ambitious and emerging Argentina launched an unexpected military conquest of the Falklands Island. In this joint crisis delegates will be tasked with the complex issue of securing the island for their respective nations, through diplomacy or by other means, all the while facing pressure both internationally and domestically.


Specialized Agency: Ontario Liberal Party Convention

After a devastating defeat in the 2018 provincial election, the Ontario Liberal Party has been left with only 7 seats in the legislature and is no longer privy to official party status. Delegates in this committee will be tasked with winning back Ontario voters by balancing the importance of a new platform, a new strategy, and a new leader to unify the party and secure victory in the next election.

General Assembly: United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs

Delegates in the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs will discuss the rapidly changing uses of outer space. The committee will tackle the commercialization and militarization of space in an equitable and sustainable way that ensures the use of space continues to benefit everyone.

Position Papers

All delegates must submit a position paper by 11:59 PM on October 26th. The paper should outline the delegate’s stance on the issues at hand as well as mention some of the goals they would like to achieve in the committee. The paper does not need to be any longer than one page.

Delegates should submit their paper to ryemun@ryerson.ca with the subject line: Position Paper - [committee] - [assignment]


The delegate fee is $50 per delegate and includes lunch both days as well as attendance at the Saturday night social.

Registration and payment will take place through Eventrbite. To register, head delegates must email RyeMUN@Ryerson.ca with an anticipated number of delegates. We ask that head delegates register and pay for their whole delegation in one transaction.

Registration and payment are due on October 6, 2018.

Committee assignments will be sent out by October 8, 2018


Saturday, October 27

  • 10:00 - registration

  • 10:30 - opening

  • 11:00 - committee session 1

  • 1:00 - lunch

  • 2:30 - committee session 2

  • 4:30 - break

  • 5:00- committee session 3

  • 6:00 - social

Sunday, October 28

  • 11:00 - Committee Session 1

  • 1:00 - Lunch

  • 2:30 - Committee session 2

  • 4:30 - closing